Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

We also offer insurance services for families, including medical, dental, life, disability, annuities, and Medicare plans.


Life Insurance

We offer products from the industries’ highest rated and most competitive life insurance carriers. Our process helps clients determine the best coverage to protect clients against a devastating loss due to an untimely death. With our decades of experience designing plans for individuals, businesses and estates, we can assist clients determine the appropriate amount and type of coverage for their circumstances.



With more healthy lifestyles and medical breakthroughs, people are living longer than ever before. We help clients determine whether annuities may be appropriate. If so, we evaluate and recommend immediate or deferred, as well as fixed or variable income annuities.


Disability Income Insurance

Disability insurance is the cornerstone of individual and business income and expense protection. Our independent access to products and designs allows us to structure coverage that protects personal and business income against catastrophic loss due to long term illness or injury. Business disability coverage includes overhead, key person, buy/sell or debt repayment. Our independence for any one specific insurance company allows us to find economical solutions that fit clients’ budgets.


Long Term Care Insurance

This coverage has various options to help pay for a care plan for you and your loved ones. We offer solutions for both the business and family settings. Advanced planning helps clients determine how to pay for a long term care event. Protecting assets and retirement income, as well as determining settings for care are all part of a long term care plan.


Individual Medical, Dental & Vision



Medicare Plans

Each year Medicare insurance must be reviewed to verify appropriate coverage and cost. Our process helps clients evaluate which plans are best for you.